how to increase retention by 5 percentage week on week

Save time and consult with GrowthMeetings team on setting up and optimizing your User Journeys

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We help you in Technical analysis of your App, Retention Strategies (D7, Onboarding, Revenue, Recommendation) and setup of all events required to monitor your campaigns & execute your retention strategies


Even 5% WoW Growth rate is equal to 1160% Annual rate

Retention is key for startups in the B2C space. For any startup a 5% week on week improvement in Retention strategies across Onboarding, Engagement, Campaigns has a big affect on overall Growth Rate

Key factors to consider before working on Retention strategies

Understanding the Customer Journey

Connecting the AHA moments

Finding what the Active Users are doing

At GrowthMeetingswe have created a Winning methodology, based upon results across different industries like Gaming, Loan, Payments, to identify and build custom Journeys which monetize faster.

Save time, money, and hassles

Setup Journeys quickly, we take care of setting up AB tests, Journey creation, so that you get an edge

Data Based Approach

Our team of Analysts understand your Data, to find key metrics across the user journey

Tools Expertise

We have experts on Clevertap, WebEngage, MoEngage, Adobe Campaigns

How we help in improving your Retention?

Book a Meeting

Talk to us, we are reachable at your convenience, give us an idea on your core challenges

Target KPIs/OKRs

We believe in success of your app, so we work on deliverables which helps you increase atleast 1-5% WoW retention


Once we have locked on the final revenue/goal based deliverable, we work along with you to execute in <7 days

10 Ways to increase your Mobile App Retention

GUARANTEED ways to increase retention for your Mobile App, regardless of the kind of product or service you provide.

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GrowthMeetings provides specialized Marketing services which help you specifically in achieving your KPIs. Growth Hacking is more of science than strategy, we excel at setting up high performing growth & performance based marketing for digital products

One of our CORE offering is Personalized Retention strategies. We have worked for startups across Fintech, eCommerce, Gaming and have helped then to reach the growth path of 5%inc WoW.

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